I have learned that at some point in all of our lives we have had to defend ourselves. Some of us have had to defend our family, our religious beliefs, and even our dreams. However, what if I told you that most people in life also defend their limitations.
What I mean is there are tons of people in the world who defend their limitations and come up with “great and well thought out excuses” as to why they have not accomplished their goals and dreams in life. They know that there is a strong calling on their life to do more, but for some reason they find fancy excuses as to why they have not done this yet. Motivational speaker Andy Henriquez once said, “If you defend your limitations in life at some point, life will allow you to keep them.”

At some point, life is going to say to you, “I’m done; you can keep that job that you hate so much.” Or maybe you’ll hear, “I’m finished, you had an opportunity to do more in life and you chose to defend why the timing wasn’t right. Now that dream that you had will NEVER COME TRUE.”

You see, many of you are battling the decision right now to pursue the calling that you have on your life. For most people it’s due to fear. I’ve learned that most people battle with this because their dream isn’t big enough yet. What I mean is, if the people around you have not called you crazy, delusional, or insane because of the dreams you have then your dream probably isn’t big enough. You must have dreams that are bigger than you and the people around you. When you begin to have dreams this big, you will enter another dimension of dreaming that very few people ever enter. This is when your dreams will begin to come true. This is also when you will stop defending your limitations!!

Remember, go after your dreams today because tomorrow is too late!

– Kris Mathis

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