(from a presentation on analytics hosted by GRAPE). Paul Kortman (Connex Social) discusses how email attribution can help companies better target potential clients…
blue sceenPaul Kortman: An example that I worked on was also an email. My client, a large law firm in the state, they were sending out these advisory emails- just to satisfy clients. And they were just throwing them out there. So, I came in and said let’s put a couple links in here, let’s put some more information in, and let’s track it. And they didn’t change the content at all. The content still remained, it was still an advisory. It wasn’t just a few read more links- though there were more read more links on there. The whole article was still in their email. We saw the contact double to their site and what we were able to do is- because they knew there client list- and because Google Analytics actually tells you the ISP of the person visiting your site, (which for most of us when we’re at home it doesn’t matter – Comcast, AT&T, Horizon, who cares?). But when you’re Steelcase, you have your own ISP, your own network identifier- and so I can tell when Steelcase visited my client’s site. I can tell when the ISP visited my client’s site.

Even Gmail has analytics capabilities

And so, because they knew which email addresses they were sending to those individuals, they picked up the phone and called them. So every day when they sent out their email, I waited 24 hours so the next day I gave them a report of who came and at what time. And because they knew who viewed the site, the picked up the phone and completed the sale. So that’s sort of the brother is watching that actually makes you really successful and close the deals.