Every day you will come dangerously close to making poor decisions out of laziness, stress, or ignorance. Every day you will come close to losing a deal, a customer, or a good employee. You will fall in love with bad ideas and let good ideas slip away because you’re too tired or don’t have time to consider them. And all of these screw ups will cost you. Enough of them and it will cost you everything.Every day in business is a new opportunity for compromise or stupidity. Every day you will be tempted to cut corners, produce garbage, or abandon your principles.

What’s the solution? Keep your head on a swivel. Stay sharp and frosty. Get a good night’s sleep, don’t send an email that you haven’t thought through, don’t speak out of anger, don’t get lazy about the details, keep a sharp eye on the money, set a good example for your team, be a lifelong learner, be an innovator but rely on what you know works.

There are a thousand mistakes you can make, and sometimes it feels like you are just trying to avoid them rather than creating success. But if ninety percent of success is just showing up, then ninety-five percent is showing up and not screwing up when you get there.

© Greg Smith, 2013

Greg is the founder and chief creative officer of Black Lake Studio (www.blacklakestudio.com). He is also a writer and speaker, working in a variety of non-fiction and fiction genres, and frequently collaborates with other authors. You can read and learn more at his site, SmithGreg.com. (www.smithgreg.com).
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