The city of Grandville has become a huge destination stop for locals and visitors alike. Locals are familiar with the Rivertown Mall, and the businesses that surrounds it. Some of the more well-known establishments that have come to the area include: Target, Cabalas, Five Guys Burgers, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and ULTA in the Bucktown Center. Then, not too far away, you have Meijer and Jo-Ann Fabrics. If you were once used to shopping in another area of town like Jenison, sorry to say, but Grandville has acquired all your destination spots. With Jenison as small as it is, Hobby Lobby and Target moved out, and for no blame. Businesses need to be where the action and the traffic is.
Recently, I was driving down 44th Street, and noticed the newest building that was being constructed in the Bucktown Center. Although no signs, that I could see, were officially posted, I did some checking, and McDonald’s will have its newest location in Grandville. Really? When is it going to be enough for them? If you travel M-6 they should just have a sign saying McDonald’s next 5 exits and beyond (the world is ours)! As you can tell, I seem to have a little issue with this. You have the city of Grandville, that for the most part, is seeing unique places to shop and dine at, and now, one of the newest burger places (Five Guys) is now going to be neighbors with the McDonald’s franchise. I do not think this will really inhibit Five Guys business – because if you want a good burger you will go there- but if you want the normal fast food, you will go to McDonald’s.

I see the new McDonalds as clutter for the area, and am waiting for the next competitor of McDonalds to move in. So far, Grandville doesn’t have a Taco Bell within a close proximity of Bucktown, and after the Burger King closed its doors along Chicago Drive, the next closest franchise is on Kenowa and 44th.

I will give McDonalds some credit in one area… they have made their buildings more corporate friendly, with the way their franchises have been remodeled over the past decade, and they’re making the exterior more modern and appealing. However, I feel that with the addition of McDonald’s, that there is a saturation of their franchises. Time will tell how they will prevail in Grandville, and if it attracts other to the area, or take business away from the surrounding area.

 Blog post by GRAPE Social Media Contributor Ryan Elwell