What is the meaning of a leads group? It is a group of individuals that become promoters. Many people first join a group, if they have never been in one, to promote their own business – which is great! But, you now have a responsibility to promote your group-mates. What does that mean? It means that you need to know what each member of the group does. What type of person is their client or customer. How can you help raise awareness for their businesses too?
It does not mean that you are out everyday talking about the plumber, the sign building and accountant and not your own business, but what it does mean is that when you hear someone say “oh no, I have a leak in my kitchen, and I don’t know what to do!!” You can say, with confidence, that you have a person you know that can help them! Being in a business leads groups means that you accept responsibility for others, and then in turn have the responsibility to know who you are and to promote you and your business too! It means you have to bring your best game forward and be the person you want to be promoted by your group!


John Potter: Why join a business leads group? A leads group members states, “When I started my business two years ago, marketing was the hardest part. The leads will come..it’s a fantastic way to network and create friends. This is the best strategy for a small business.” (Orlando Sentinel, July 31 1999). For all the admonition about “paying it forward”, a business leads group embodies this philosophy in way in tune with our market economy. Its the local-first version of networking.

GRAPE’s Business Leads Group will hold its inaugural meeting July 30th at ITT Technical Institute in Wyoming. Please register here to attend.

Dawn Martinson, GRAPE’s Business Leads Group facilitator