This week, The GRAPEjuice Blog is highlighting a new Grand Rapids beverage catering company named POUR (yes, as in “pour me some more”).  Having not heard the term “beverage catering” before, I did my research. The “Oh I get it” came early when I saw that “bar catering” was a synonym.

Success in this niche industry is predicated on quality and attentiveness. And POUR’s highly  experienced management team appears primed for success (ie a reputation for the best bar catering grand rapids has to offer). Here are some questions I asked of POUR’s management team:

What does beverage catering entail?
*POUR offers offsite beverage catering. Meaning we bring the bar to you! We offer hosted bars and serve beer, wine, liquor, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Why choose beverage catering instead of hiring a bartender or simple caterer?
*We have certified professional bartenders on our staff and we ensure you that you have a great event. We also have carry a liquor license in which most caterers do not. We bring the beer, wine, liquor, and staff to you. It’s one stop shopping!

Have you been running Pour long?
We started the company in 2012 but we’ve run bars at our food locations for years..

What did you do before you started Pour?
We do and still run 3 public Restaurants. Watermark Grille, FireRock Grille and Rush Creek Bistro. POUR is an extension of our restaurant brand and our liquor expertise. We wanted to bring professional to people in any location they may need it..

What do you think is unique about the Grand Rapids market?
*There are not that many companies that offer this service in this area or have licensed bartenders to do so. We have a great staff to pull from so we can even do last minute functions. We are also making the process easier with simple pricing – not add-ons for every single item needed at a party

Have you made any major changes in your service offerings since starting out?
*No, we have the same friendly and professional service since day one

How large is your staff? What does the background of the people you hire tend to be?
*We have 25 Bartenders on our team. We tend to hire people that are smart, confident, and professional.

Are most of your events of one particular type or another? What types of events could be really enhanced by the services of Pour?
*We work with primarily weddings , corporate events, and at-home private parties. We have done parties as small as 25 and as large as 450 people

What trends are we likely to see with beverage catering in the future?
*We see a lot of new buildings opening up around town that can’t provide bar services. There will be more functions with unique new beverages on a more regular basis being consumed at interesting venues..

How have you found most of your customers?
*The Internet. Most of our customers Google for us

Are you doing any marketing at the moment?
*We are currently networking and advertising in Flavor 616

What are your goals for the future?
*To grow and still maintain the best service possible.