How many times have you been asked, “what do you want to do in X years?”

Think back to how you usually answer. What do you usually say?

In a short-and-sweet post, Joseph Roualdes shares the advice that his mentor gave to him.

“Confidently I responded with, ‘I want to be the head of corporate communications at a great company.’ You’re WRONG, he immediately fired off. Huh? I didn’t think there was a wrong response to that question. Wrong again.”

The trap we often fall into, as he discusses, is that we focus on what job title we want, not what we want to do.

“He said, ‘I didn’t ask you what you want your job title to be in five years. I asked you what you want to do in five years. So what do you love, and hate, doing?'”

The next time someone asks you that questions, what will you respond?

What Do You Want To Do In 5 Years? You’re Wrong! // LinkedIN

Photo by Flazingo

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