Shawn Miller highlighted a quote about failure at last week’s GRAPE event in Holland. Something to the effect of – entrepreneurs don’t fail because they don’t put in the effort, they fail because they put in the wrong effort.  That saying certainly resonated with me. Trying to keep up with GRAPE’s many demands has been more than a little taxing. And although people have volunteered to help, I somehow convinced myself that I was indispensable. At least to my own vision. But I’m not.

Accepting that I’m not indispensable has been very freeing. So I’m now dispersing my duties. Thus, I’ve asked Ashley Petkus to serve as the GRAPE Blog Editor. Although I met Ashley in-person just recently, we’ve known each other online for quite some time. Indeed, she has apparently followed my online presence for several years. Its a one-to-many tragedy!… every good social networker faces.

Consequently, you’ll see her profile on LinkedIn when new blog posts are posted on LinkedIn. She will also be contacting other local bloggers to see if they would like to be regular contributors. And she will be in charge of the myriad technical details involved (i.e. embedding images, categorizing posts, formulating SEO-friendly titles, etc.) There is a lot more to it then you might guess. 

I look forward to working with her. She is correctly perceived by those she meets as an exceedingly competent person who is also gracious and kind. I recommend those that network in this community to go out of their way to meet her. She certainly has a bright future in this community.

If you ever have an article to publish on the blog, please email her at