Earlier this month, Ted Kallman spoke about Agile management for GRAPE. He sent me the PowerPoint for the talk which I have linked to above (via Google Docs). The first few slides speak to Ted’s background before he starts mention Agile and why its become so popular. Finally, he provides several illustrations as to how he conceives of his Unified Vision Framework. Lacking audio, I decided to provide a link describing the subject matter in more detail (see below).

“In 1992 we (the authors) had independently arrived at the same conclusion and described this idea in the Unified Vision Framework that Vision is the key driver for everything that happens in a business. For the Executive, Senior Management, Management and Team levels a clearly defined Vision needs to cascade to every level of a company. Each level then needs to link its own Vision back to the level above it and to the overall Vision of the Enterprise. It is not enough to have a Vision statement. An adaptation of a Japanese proverb captures this rather well, “Vision without implementation is mere fantasy. Unfocused activity without Vision is truly a nightmare.”

From Unified Vision: How Using Vision as a Unifying Force Can Increase Results and Value for Portfolios, Programs and Projects.