by Hope Alcocer

Need to find a place for the best Thai around?There’s an app for that.

Short on time and need items ready to go at your local Walgreens? Yup, there’s an app for that too.

Need an app to remind you when to drink your eight 8 oz glasses of water? You guessed it, there’s an app for that ridiculous reminder too.

Remember this commercial?


A little Throwback Thursday #tbt action for you on Tuesday. You’re welcome.

In a world where technology rules and runs much of our society, it’s no surprise how dependent we are on not only our smart phones, but the apps needed to run our lives on our technological devices as well. One of your greatest advantages as a tech savvy entrepreneur in the business world is to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest apps that will improve productivity, task management, and organization.

Today I share three apps on my device that I can’t live without, and all free:

Asana: I use this app on an hourly basis and cannot make it through a work day without it.  This task management tool is available on your browser, phone (Droid and iPhone) and tablet. Create checklists, projects, write notes to other people on certain projects and take advantage of the Harvest Tracker on Asana to keep track of hours billed in real time.  This has replaced Bootcamp for me and is entirely free to use. Oh, you’ve been warned—get too productive, and magical unicorns will fly across your screen after you’ve completed a bunch of tasks in a row. You think I’m kidding? Check it out.

Springpad: Move on over, Evernote. In 2012, Evernote swooned us with it’s easy to use interface and accessibility across our various devices. Notebooks, shared folders, and bookmarking pages, photos, websites or videos left us thinking this was the greatest app ever. I’ve fallen in love with another app though, and it’s nothing personal.  Springpad takes the place of Evernote for me by integrating a cleaner, smoother, and easier-to-navigate design. It also has social media sharing capabilities, so if you have a notebook you want to share with others it can be shared across your social networks. It’s a calendar as well with to-do lists, shared task lists and reminders. It takes my phone’s Reminder app, List/To-Do App and the Alarm all in one app along with all of the components in Evernote that I love. As a woman with the memory of a goldfish, this has been a saving grace one too many times!

Canva: Currently only browser capable,  Canva has taken the place of Photoshop and my other design tools that I use both on my phone and on my computer. It allows me to make cards, social media banners, graphics, buttons for my websites, and even my inspirational daily motivational graphics I share on all of my social networks.  The quality is excellent and the options and designs you can create or come up with are unreal.  Canva is currently invite only, so feel free to comment on this blog post for an invite from yours truly!

What apps for your smartphone or device are staples for you in your business?