“I am being invited to a whole new phase of my professional life which is transforming me on the inside and outside. I have never felt more free and inspired as I am now, moving from 30 years as a high-power corporate creative marketing director to a professional artist. It’s scary and overwhelming at times.But I know I’m on the right path.”

– nunzi

At age 60, after thirty years in the creative marketing industry serving high-end clients such as Nike, Lord & Taylor and The Bay, my world shifted dramatically when my job was suddenly eliminated. In essence, my core responsibilities headed overseas. Once the initial shock wore off, I pounded the pavement for over a year seeking a similar position in the corporate marketing world. But to no avail.

After a good deal of soul-searching I eventually realized I was being handed a gift: the opportunity to re-brand myself and pursue my first love: professional painting, drawing and photography. So I rolled up my sleeves and pulled out the paints, canvases and brushes which I had set aside long ago. And began to do what I love best: create art!

Returning to my original path of fine art, painting, drawing & foto (which I had been quietly yearning to rediscover all these years) has helped me find my true self. Now, I spend much of my time in the studio capturing that essence of color, light, shadows & contrasts that I love; depicting and honoring the beauty of the sun, sky & earth with varied techniques & vision developed over the years. All revealing multidimensional shape and scale.

As an artist, my inspiration is the Great Mystery, the Universe, the oneness of nature & our own being – that spiritual vision within the Earth Mother, human anatomy & its flawless design.

My art work and expression includes:

• figurative sketches, ‘in your face’ scale, stark white on white background – a new realism. black, ebony pencil diving into wet white gesso and acrylic.

• acrylic canvases depicting abstracted expressionistic techniques recalling my heritage as i restructure & reposition, re-stretch & re-group color & shape transforming and evolving from within – inviting those who examine the designs to join me in the journey of transformation, i call, ‘figurative abstract transformation.’

• foto image essays, inspired by light, the sun’s radiance & the playfulness of nature define shapes designed with delicate colorful nuances. i cavort with these designs as they engage my soul, allowing their beauty to arise from my within the deep reverence of our intrinsic spirituality.

Losing my job in the corporate world, which I initially experienced as defeat, has actually been a rebirth for me. And new doors to display and sell my art keep opening in ways I could have never imagined.

My current foto installations are on display at the Lorraine Professional Building 124 eFulton in Grand Rapids.

And I have these up and coming exhibits:

• PaLatte Coffee & Art, (150 E Fulton, Grand Rapids) beginning on 12/6/2013 [artist’s reception 12/6 @6-8pm] and continuing throughout the month of December;

• Dominican Center Art Gallery(2025 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids) throughout the month of January 2014 (artist’s reception to be announced);

• One Trick Pony Restaurant (136 Fulton St E, Grand Rapids), January 2014 (artist’s reception to be announced].

I have also been invited to teach an upcoming class at Kendall School of Art and Design during February 2014 on the various uses and techniques of color, a two-part class open to the public.

As I was moving through this transition in my professional career, a friend of mine gave me a card that stated, “Let go or be dragged”. That saying became the mantra that helped me understand that I wasn’t defeated. Rather, I was being guided toward a new unfolding path. All I had to do was to listen to my heart and read the signposts along the way. My hope is that my journey of transformation will help inspire others to take a risk and follow their dreams too.

contact info –
ralph ‘nunzi’ annunziata