In a prior article, I wrote about being trained in basic first aid and I have applied that training at various times in my life when the situation warranted. In this article, my intention is to invite your awareness to another valuable leadership skill – that being the beginner’s mind.

Perhaps you’ve heard this phrase before, this idea of having a beginner’s mind. Or, perhaps you’ve heard the concept expressed as “having beginner’s eyes.” What does that mean, exactly? Allow your curiosity to build for a moment as you consider the phrase.

Think back to when you first moved into your current role. Remember how everything felt so new, how there was so much to learn, so many new people to meet? Perhaps you had the experience of being overwhelmed at times – affectionately known as “drinking from the fire hose.” You probably asked a lot of questions as you got going. You met with your new direct reports and started getting to know them, their capabilities, their needs. You might have asked

“Why are we doing it that way?”

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