I was in Best Buy a couple of weeks ago playing around with some of the new tablets they have to pass some time. While I was standing there checking out an I-pad, a lady stood next to me. She was looking at an Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet. She mentioned that she was thinking about purchasing one for her son. One of the workers at the store came over and offered both of us some help. I told him that I was all set and was just passing the time. The woman standing next to me said that she had some questions about how to use a tablet. They then began to converse about the tablets easy-to-use features. Then the woman said, “Wow, it’s amazing what these kids have come up with now at days. It seems like there’s a new downloadable app for everything!”. In reply, the gentlemen helping her said, “Yeah, you’re right. Even Justin Beiber has an app on this thing! If only I were about 20 years younger I could have got in on this. Since I’m not, I guess I just missed my calling. I could have made millions by now!”

When I heard this I immediately stopped what I was doing and looked up at him. For those of you who know me personally, you know it took everything in me not to interrupt their conversation and respond to his comment. Ha Ha!! What he failed to realize is that if he’s still living it’s only because his time here isn’t up yet! He still has something great to offer before he leaves!

You see, there are tons of people who made their dreams come true late (and some really late) in life: Phyliss Diller became a comedian at the age of 37 even though she was told by many club owners she was “too old” to become a success; Harlan Sanders, the Colonel Sanders of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, promoted his style of cooking at age 66 and created an empire; Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, began drawing his legendary superheroes at age 43 (and his partner Jack Kirby was 44 when he created The Fantastic Four);  and Ricardo Montalban built his dream-house built at the age of 68 when he was finally financially able to do so.

I’ve given you a few examples of people who didn’t allow their age to get in the way of their dream! Now it’s your turn to pursue yours!!If you’re reading this and you’re over the age of 37 and you have a dream that you have not pursued yet, let me ask you one question.After reading this, what’s your excuse for not going after your dream?

Remember, go after your dreams today because tomorrow is too late.

– Kris Mathis

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