I recently posted an article with some helpful information about deducting vehicle costs, and I also posted some links to some worksheets.
In the article, I mentioned that I had not heard of an app that would take care of the rather tedious portion of the recordkeeping.

I stand corrected.  A reader sent me an email with a link to an application that does some of the mundane work for you using the GPS technology on your phone.

The application (I use an android) is called TripLog GPS Tracker


I downloaded it and gave it a trial run and found it to be very helpful.  You load in some basic information about your vehicle, odometer reading and then the basic information that is used on the paper worksheets, and press start.  The application uses the GPS on the phone to track the mileage information, which can then in turn be downloaded into your computer.

I know what its like when you have to turn in an expense report and find yourself scratching your head trying to remember where you went, and why, how many miles was it??…  Well, using this little piece of technology on your cell phone can help.

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