I am always amazed to what new things are popping up around Grand Rapids. Ever since Grand Rapids put their name on the map with Art Prize, the recognition of Beer City USA for two years in a row, the many farmers markets, and amazing new and innovative restaurants, the fascination of where all these ideas come from, and actually become reality, makes me feel like we live in an extraordinary city.

On a normal day, I have short amount of down time that I can get on the internet, check Facebook, and some other news sites so I can see what’s happing around the area. Traditionally, it’s a routine: check sports, entertainment, and local headlines.

One recent site intrigued me to go further into it and find out what this was all about: downtowngr.org. Have you ever been to a new place and wanted to search what was there and maybe some activities you wanted to try or places to shop? This site is the answer! For a recent trip, I found myself searching around trying to find the category of interest, and often backing out of the site and trying to find a new site because the information was not clear, or the page was not setup user friendly. Now I have found a perfect site and it’s for our own area of Grand Rapids.

You may ask, why would I care about knowing about a city where I already live? The answer is: because there are so many new and exciting experiences to be had, right in our own town! Usually you have to hear about what’s new or current through the grapevine…never right away. As Grand Rapids expands, so does the inventory of what’s happing around the area. What new places are around for shopping or restaurants for a good meal? Maybe it’s the night life you’re looking for, or it could be your fancy to get yourself into the living experience of the city. Downtowngr.org is the website that caters to all of this and more!

The attention to detail that went into the site shows extreme courtesy for the customer seeking information about Grand Rapids; what to do, where to go, and what’s the best way to experience. If you want to know where to eat, it’s there! Find a place to lodge, it’s there! Current events, it’s there! Have you thought about attending a concert or an event, or wonder when the Calder Cup Champion Grand Rapids Griffins were playing at the Van Andel Arena, downtowngr.org not only has the schedule, but also explains the parking meters and ramps, as well as what the fees are!

Not only is there entertainment information, but there is vendor information, zoning ordinance reports, multiple marketing and strategy analysis’. Being user friendly, all this information is printable, along with a walking map of the city, which includes every business and event venue for you to scout out. If you’re looking for a fun city or need to experience what Grand Rapids has to offer, take advantage of downtowngr.org and see for yourself!

 Blog post by GRAPE Social Media Contributor Ryan Elwell