Everyone wants some type of security when they are employed. Not every career offers a sense of security, but there are some that provide a better financial cushion than others. With so many layoffs taking place these days, many people are pursuing careers that are increasingly reliable to cushion their bank accounts.
Here are some jobs that are found to be more dependable:

Electricians tend to offer skilled trade and are in high demand. Many electricians start out as apprentices through technical schools or other opportunities. The work is usually not dangerous and you have the option to work privately or with a company. The expected 10-year career growth in this profession is 23.2%. The median yearly salary is approximately $41,400.

You can have a rewarding career as a logistics professional because there are so many companies who subcontract their production internationally. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, many companies link with logistic professionals to develop interrelated solutions to easily transport their products. In almost every industry and almost on every level, there is an obvious demand for qualified Logistics professionals. In this career field, attention to detail, cost effectiveness, efficiency and intrinsic scheduling are essential. All you need to get into this career is an associate’s degree. For advanced careers, a bachelor’s degree is preferable. The median yearly salary is $48,100 and the expected 10-year career growth is 29.3%.

Construction Estimator
With so many buildings, roadways, infrastructure and highways being constructed, a Construction Estimator is an important aspect of the process. This professional determines the amount of money, time, labor and resources necessary to finish the project in a timely manner. This person usually works in an office, but makes scheduled visits on the construction site. This profession can become stressful because of deadlines that need to be consistently met. Construction workers who are highly experienced and who have excellent analytical skills are the best candidates for this profession. A bachelor’s degree is generally required, but with years of experience, you can land a job with no degree. The median yearly salary is $54,400 and the expected 10-year career growth is 36.4%.

Social Worker
There is always a need for social workers. If you are the kind of person that loves to change peoples’ lives, this career is ideal for you. As a social worker, you would either work directly with families to solve their issues or work as a clinical social worker; providing treatment to patients who are undergoing mental, emotional and behavioral problems. You may have to work weekends and evenings. You will require either a bachelor’s or master’s degree and possibly a license. The median yearly salary is $44,000 and the expected 10-year career growth is 24.8%.

Biomedical Engineer
A Biomedical Engineer has high potential as it pertains to job growth. The expected job growth each year is 61.7%. There is a huge demand for these types of engineers and it is estimated that in the next 8 years, it should be in much more demand. These engineers work on creating enhanced replacement body parts for human beings. With the aging population, some people necessitate hip or knee replacements. Note that at the very least a bachelor’s degree is absolutely required for this profession. If you hold another engineering degree, you can earn entry into this profession and receive training on the job. The median yearly salary is $72,300.

Other financially secure jobs and careers include retail, hospitality, food preparation, registered nurse, career counselor, customer service, mortician, security, entrepreneur and high tech manufacturer. Which is right for you in this economic decline?

Dave Landry Jr. is a finance and business blogger, who advises on personal finance and account management. Marcela is also a contributor to National Debt Relief.

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