Email. Texting. Social media. Gchat.

Technology has taken over the workplace, and it continues to evolve what we work on and how we get it done.

What’s the new frontier for HR? In Karen Higgenbottom’s Forbes article, she highlights two trends that employees and HR leaders should look for in 2015, quoting Achievers’ Head of Business Transformation Steve Parker.

  1. Technology will make organizations more transparent: Negative — and positive — feedback will create an open and transparent environment. Parker argues that “HR will start embracing technology…where employees can easily recognize and communicate the great things that happen every day in organizations.”
  2. Technology will help engage more employees: According to the article, “disengaged employees cost the U.S. economy $500 billion per year in lost productivity.” “Organizations serious about increasing their performance will begin to focus more on taking action on employee engagement by providing people with tools to connect across functions, catch others in the act of doing things right, and stay aligned to what’s most important,” said Parker.

Do you work in HR or executive leadership? What trends do you see for HR this year? What will you do to keep your employees engaged?

HR Technology Trends In The Workplace In 2015 | Forbes

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