An aspiring manager is seeking the knowledge and skills needed to be recognized in order to grow. This individual needs to be focused on understanding what it takes to be a successful manager. With this understanding the future manager can begin to attain skills that will get them to the level they want to achieve.
Once the aspiring manager gains the skills and is recognized they become a new manager. These new managers need to continue to grow. One way to grow is to attend trainings that provide focused skillsets that are needed to make managers more successful. Trainings such as Foundations of Management offered by The Engaged Human Resources Group, in partnership with Institute of Certified Professional Managers, are great tools that will help the aspiring manager build a foundation for success as a new manager.

Seasoned professionals have proven that they are able to manage and have added many tools to their management toolbox. Even though these tools are gathered and used over time, some managers get “stuck” in a routine and mindset that can seem out of touch with employees or the management profession. No matter how much you have learned there is always more to be learned. This combined with refreshers that keep you mindful of what may seem to be the basics of management are always great ways to continue to “renew” and make sure they are meeting the foundations of what it means to be a manager.

No matter what stage you are in as a manager learning new skills is always a great way to show that you are committed to professional growth and continuous improvement. One way to show that you are committed to the practice of management and subscribe to the ethics that make for a successful manager is to become a certified manager. The Certified Manager Credential is training developed to grow your career. Earning the credential is a great way to show they are committed to management and its practice. This credential symbolizes that the bearer has the ethics and knowledge to be successful in the management role.

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